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  • Espresso junkie, indie hacker, simplicity seeker. Navigating the dad life code with a dark humor debugger.

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Our Commitment to Web Standards and Accessibility Driven by the principles of the small web, classic web, indie web, and slow web philosophies, this page is an experiment in creating a web presence that respects web standards, accessibility, privacy, and has a minimal carbon impact. Inspired to build a better web, we are rigorously testing and validating our webpage using various tools and extensions like Web Developer Checklist, Ultrablock, JSHelter, Privacy Badger, Big Tech Detective, Lighthouse, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, and WAVE. This is a work in progress, and each step in our journey is aimed at creating a web experience that is not only user-friendly but also responsible and respectful of user privacy and our environment. Learn more about our journey and progress at
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